May 2012

The next big thing

by Rebecca Bricker on May 25, 2012

I’ve learned an important lesson about life transitions in the past several years, as I’ve sailed into uncharted waters more than once. I’ve learned to trust my good sense and intuition, open myself to possibilities and have the guts to change course – or god forbid, abandon ship – if I see I’m heading for the rocks.

As I write this, I’m doing all of the above – including the part about steering clear of the rocks.

I’ve been contemplating my next adventure for some time now – scanning the horizon for distant lands that beckon, with stories waiting to be told. Curiously, I’m feeling the pull of a now familiar place, where friends are welcoming me back.

This fall I’m returning to Florence for my NEXT BIG THING – an exciting opportunity for me to share my expertise and connections in Florence, Tuscany and Umbria with women who yearn to experience this fabled region of Italy.

I’m partnering with a Tuscan B&B owner to create a holiday experience that rejuvenates and inspires. An experience that not only allows you to live your Italian fantasy for a week or two, but re-sets your compass and enables you to immerse yourself in the depths of a culture known to spark the fires of genius, creativity and amore.

For centuries, women have traveled to distant lands, looking for adventure, romance or a part of themselves waiting to be awakened. Some have written memoirs, which give the rest of us a starting point for our own journeys.

That’s my hope. I’d like to provide a stage for a transformational travel experience that begins with plucking sun-warmed grapes off the vine as you stroll through a vineyard. Painting a landscape that inspired Leonardo da Vinci. Exploring the back alleys of an ancient village or the remains of Etruscan ruins. Roaming the countryside on a Vespa (mamma mia!). And at the end of the day, coming ‘home’ to a 14th century farmhouse where a sumptuous Tuscan meal awaits you – at a table where fellow travelers share their tales.

This is the first chapter of a new book for me – a reservation book where I’d love to see some familiar names, next to new friends I hope to make. I have a feeling there are a few among you who have imagined this trip already.  So spread the word to your painting group, your book group, your friends who like to travel (this could be a fun high school/college reunion trip), or the women in your family you like hanging out with.

I’ll help you create an itinerary customized to your interests: photography, cooking, painting, writing, art history, ceramics, textiles, or shopping for everything Italian. I can arrange for an expert tour guide to show us what most tourists don’t see. If you’d like instruction for special-interest workshops, I’m happy to arrange that, too. I can plan day trips and provide access to the studios of regional artisans. The list of possibilities is nearly endless.

The lovely B&B where you’ll be staying is in a quiet, rural setting just down a country road from the ancient hill town of Anghiari, in eastern Tuscany. Anghiari is said to be one of the most picturesque villages in all of Italy and offers a full calendar of cultural events. The B&B offers a pool, spa services and beautifully appointed rooms (even wi-fi for those who resist forsaking the ways of the New World). Bikes are available for guests – and motorbikes can be arranged!

Send me an e-mail at, if you’d like details. I’m taking bookings beginning in October.

A new adventure begins! :)