March 2013

Easter chocolate surprise

by Rebecca Bricker on March 31, 2013



No sacrilege intended – but from what I can tell, Easter in Italy is pretty much all about chocolate.

Enormous chocolate eggs – the size of footballs – start appearing in the shops about a month before the Big Bunny is due.

They’re  colorfully wrapped, with elegant bows, silky flowers or plush toys attached.

Each egg contains a sorpresa – a surprise.

“What kind of surprise?” I asked the nice man behind the counter at my neighborhood Easter egg shop.

He smiled at me. “It’s a sorpresa.”



I had my eye on this egg…

He took it down from the shelf and read the tag – “raffinate sorprese,” he said.





“A refined surprise,” said an American guy having an espresso at the bar who had overheard this conversation. “Who are you buying this egg for – a child or an adult?” he asked.

“For me,” I said.

That got a laugh.

“I’d really like a refined surprise in a Tiffany egg,” I said, just in case the Big Bunny was listening.

That got another laugh. The American guy pointed north, across the Arno. “Tiffany is just over the bridge.”

“I know,” I said wistfully, wondering if the Bunny has an account there.

Apparently not. (sigh) 😉

Nonetheless, I was delighted to find the egg with the purple bow on my dining table this morning – oh, that Bunny (I’ve never stopped believing in him – ever!).

I carefully untied the ribbon and removed the wrapping. I hated to crack open the dark chocolate shell – but I just couldn’t wait to see my raffinata sorpresa













Maybe the Big Bunny has an account at Tiffany after all! :)

Buona Pasqua, everyone!