The pregnant bellies of Florence

by Rebecca Bricker on May 5, 2013


I call them the pregnant bellies of Florence.

Some are bodaciously curvaceous.

Some are barely a bump.

Some bellies look ready to give birth any minute.

Some are elegantly embellished…and cast beautiful shadows in the lamplight. Some are Art Nouveau beauty queens.

They’re an Italian architectural flourish that elevate form over function. But the function is important.

These curvy cages provide security for street-level apartments that have kick-out shutters. (Italian shutters are an art form all their own. Kick-out shutters are a brilliant concept – they keep out the light but allow air to come in.) When napping on a hot summer’s day, you rest assured that an unwanted visitor can’t climb in through the caged window.














As you’ll note, some shutters slide into the wall…and disappear entirely.








I didn’t realize until after I snapped this photo that there were actually four pregnant bellies in the picture. :)  >>>














The Art Nouveau beauties…















And a belly that says…