Hidden Faces of Florence

{ The hidden faces of Florence }


I didn’t see him at first as I snapped this photo.

St. Zanobi

And then he caught my eye, peering at me from between the shutters…

St. Zanobi

I stepped closer,

wanting to know his story…

St. Zanobi

On a stormy day in June 1699,

a religious procession was passing by this house

when the owner – a man named Zazzerini – gave the priests refuge from the rain,

along with a sacred relic they were carrying…

the head of St. Zanobi, the venerated first bishop of Florence.

(Get your head around that!)

If you want a glimpse of St. Zanobi,

you’ll find him on Via della Pergola,

hangin’ out at Zazzerini’s place.