In Paris, love is in the air

by Rebecca Bricker on February 14, 2012

As a single woman traveling solo, I’ve had few romantic encounters.

I don’t seek male attention – it just happens. In a cafe or on a train or while spinning a postcard rack in a bookstore. Or while hanging off the Eiffel Tower.

<<< This is my Inner Adventuress tossing caution and skirt to the wind.

The most romantic encounter of my life occurred in Paris. I’m convinced there’s something in the air there…

The hint of romance is everywhere you turn.

As you stand at a street corner >>>>>>>>>>>>


<<< or pass by a fountain.

Parisian men are shameless flirts. They blow kisses at you from open windows. They approach you on the street, wondering if you’re lost or if you’d like to join them for a drink. They always ask the same two questions: Are you married? Are you alone? The answer to the first question doesn’t matter. But if you say yes to the second question, the chase is on.

It’s all in good fun, if you’re up for the game of it.

But you never know…you might just have a romantic encounter that makes the world stop spinning for a moment.

Because in Paris, love is in the air…


♥ Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone. ♥









PHOTO CREDIT: (top left) Erwin Blumenfeld – Sur la tour Eiffel, Paris 1938


Kathy February 15, 2012 at 2:10 pm

Wonderful… and oh so true. I found a few of these moments in la bella Roma too.
And how I cherish the sweet memories.
One as we were leaving Rome and staying with my family in a Pensione, flowers started to arrive daily. I did not now from whom they were being sent. Finally one day I received a phone call from the secret admirer. I explained we were leaving in a day or two and thank you for the beautiful flowers, but I had no time to meet with him.
When we got on the ship in Naples and in our cabin, there were flowers waiting in my room. Yellow gladiolas… I was totally flabergasted. I was leaving…. but just because he thought I was special to the end… he was acknowledging me as Americana and a young pretty woman.
That was 52 years ago and the memory still makes me feel special and like a pretty woman.
The mystery has always been what kind of man sends flowers for no reason except appreciation?
A romantic Roman man….

Rebecca Bricker February 15, 2012 at 7:29 pm

The Romantic Roman – what a wonderful story, Kathy…and so intriguing. The real gift he gave you is a lovely memory you’ve cherished all these years. Thank you for sharing this. Bellissima!

Pat February 16, 2012 at 1:58 am

Oh la la les Frenchmen! No one has mastered like art of seduction like the Parisians. And don’t I know it…I fell in love in Paris and married a Frenchman! You captured the magic of romance in photos and words. Thanks for evoking the memories of my single days in Paris, oh so lonnngggg ago!

Rebecca Bricker February 16, 2012 at 1:43 pm

So you’ve been under the spell, too! 😉

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